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In the series dedicated to what makes “innovators happier”, I propose today the case of startups. More than a third of young graduates dream of working in a startup according to a study by Job Teaser. Great success stories like Doctolib, BlaBlacar or AirBnb make them prefer to join a young shoot than a large group after graduation. Why ? The reasons cited are multiple but all affect the meaning they find in a startup: the innovation that stimulates them, agile management, the possibility of having responsibilities, the values ​​of the startup culture and a model of inspiration that is the founding entrepreneur of the startup.


1) Innovation, “raison d’être”

Being ready to reduce their salary to work in a company with environmental and societal values ​​closer to their own, young workers find in the innovation that drives startups a meaning to their work.

This contribution to progress, to saving the planet and people was multiplied during the pandemic at Doctolib or at AirBnb with the war in Ukraine with the special “Ukrainian refugees” service. The possibility of innovating gives them this feeling of acting responsibly in the world.

2) Agility, a priority

This generation finds it difficult to support the authority and the processes that are an integral part of large companies. A flexible management, with flexible and personalized schedules, even if intense, and a cool relationship with the manager correspond better to their expectations. The accelerated operation and the permanent uncertainty of the challenges to be met creates the conditions for the agility they are looking for in startups.

3) Responsibility, to have an impact

Although they may seem casual by dint of being relaxed, the younger generations are in fact looking for greater responsibility. This is less clear in a large company where you can only be part of a more global process. Young graduates are valued for having visible results, being able to participate, give suggestions and even make decisions.This autonomy that they find in startups reinforces their feeling of usefulness and actor of success.

4) “Startup spirit”, shared culture

The cool attitude is that nothing is imposed, neither dress style, which can be very relaxed, nor formality, nor hierarchical spirit. Creativity is pushed and everything that will encourage it: breaks, discussions over coffee, games… Quite the opposite of large companies which tend to impose or limit. But the spirit of performance is still there and the “culture of feedback” which leaves room for criticism to improve a product or know-how are very present and encouraged because room is left for suggestions and therefore for feeling. to be part of the project.

5) Entrepreneur, inspiring leader

If 37% of people under 35 are attracted by the status of entrepreneur according to a study carried out by Opinion Way, starting in a startup is formative, before embarking on your own entrepreneurial adventure. Rejecting hierarchical systems that are too rigid and the authority of a boss, the younger generations have as a model of leadership entrepreneurs who, like them, have been attracted by the challenge, and nourish great stories combining financial success and contribution to innovation of progress.


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