For Women in Science :the Unesco-L’Oréal Fellowship 2009 ;encouraging talents

Each year 15 Unesco-L’Oréal International Fellowship are allocated to young women researchers in the Life Sciences ,at the doctoral or post-doctoral level,whose promising projects have been accepted by a reputable intitution outside their home country.Each Fellowship is worth a maximum of USD40 000 over 2 years.On wednesday the 4th of March the Commmitee has selected the 15 fellows from 5 regions:Africa,Arab States,Asia&the Pacific,Europe&North America.


Walter Erdelen ,for Unesco and Beatrice Dautresme ,VP communication for L’Oréal ,have warmly congratulated the new fellow.It was a very emotional moment when all these young women passionnated by science were all together in their colorful and elegant suit  to present their project and science strategy!

The aim of the program is to support scientific vocations of young women ,to give them the opportunity to build international networks in the scientific community,and gain crucial experience that they can bring back and share with others in their homme counties.With all theses brilliant fellows we can imagine that the bed will be taken!

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