Sustainable Development :driving innovation for a new value chain

What does Sustainable Development mean for the entreprise ? It can impart both meaning and vision  : Meaning by defining what the entreprise is trying to achieve through its core business ,Vision by identifying how it can incorporate sustainability into future planning and long term development.

To reach the objectives of a new value chain through sustainable development ,we have to make a break with the past ,to change our perception because we change the paradigm.We have to go from the values of « professionalism » expressed with quality and efficiency , to « acceptability » built by the stakeholders .

Before , we had to measure the level of efficiency with quality criteria ,today we have to take into consideration  the impact of our action by measuring the trust we inspire .

The key leverage to make a link between efficiency and trust is  governance .This has 2 legs ,one defining  growth objectives and action planning,the other  considering how to act ,how to be responsible in all the fields of the entreprise.

We’ll see next time how Sustainable Development could be ,more than a threat ,  a real  opportunity to have a  positive impact on Financial ,HR ,Marketing ,Communication and global Innovation for the company.

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