Design Thinking, to innovate and transform too!

Design Thinking, this well-known method of the world of innovation is perfectly applicable to the problems of organization and operation. Transposed from innovation for products and services to cases of internal transformation, Design Thinking…

2014-2019: 5 years of Innovation Chronicle in the DRH & M Review, advocacy for the dimension of relationship and human resources of innovation

Innovation is also about relationships and human resources! 5 years of "Innovation" column RH & M At the time when a 2nd Boeing crashed in less than 6 months and for the same (incredible!) announced reason "cancellation of training of…

Soft Skills for Innovation

Why developing "soft skills" is essential to drive innovation and transformation? Innovation is often considered as essentially technical and the recognized skills to innovate would therefore be rather "hard" Now, even if disruption is technological,…

One of the 5 most stubborn ideas on innovation.

  "Innovation and innovators are dangerous for the company! ". One of the 5 most stubborn ideas on innovation. This is one of the misconceptions that I still hear when I host acculturation training for innovation or that I carry out studies…
Les 9 types d'intelligence

Multiple intelligences to develop collective intelligence

"It's not the color of our skin that makes us different, it's the color of our thoughts" that's what Steven Aitchinson was developing in his bestseller on personal development and what neuroscience is deepening today scientifically by digging…


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