L’empathie pour innover

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My Innovation column published in the October 2019 issue of the RH & M Magazine

Empathy to innovate

Among the soft skills recognized as indispensable for innovation is empathy. Like Jeremy Rifkin who erects it in "cure for a world in crisis" with its "civilization of empathy", this soft skill is advocated as the central method of "design thinking".…

Soft Skills for Innovation

Why developing "soft skills" is essential to drive innovation and transformation? Innovation is often considered as essentially technical and the recognized skills to innovate would therefore be rather "hard" Now, even if disruption is technological,…

One of the 5 most stubborn ideas on innovation.

  "Innovation and innovators are dangerous for the company! ". One of the 5 most stubborn ideas on innovation. This is one of the misconceptions that I still hear when I host acculturation training for innovation or that I carry out studies…