NBIC & Health 4.0 : Innovation for the “augmented ” Human

All sectors are today impacted by digital transformation, and the health and social sector is particularly affected. This is the subject of innovation conferences for which I am invited.

“The man who is enhanced” in the sense of the man who will see the limits of life rejected, the vanquished disease and therefore the end of death is at the heart of the prospective reflections of the health field.


The effective and massive arrival of the NBIC is accelerating the change

The first impact studies of nanotechnology against the tumor of the cancer have just been presented at the Congress of Oncology of Boston (ASCO) thanks to Nanobiotix, a French startup moreover! Biotechnologies are now entering the industrial warfare phase if we consider the 600 million invested annually announced by Sanofi. Artificial Intelligence with its ultra-sophisticated robots is revolutionizing surgery and Cognitive Science is just beginning, but already promising, with research on artificial empathy. 

The arrival of new players in the field of health

For the first time an actor outside academic research will launch a study on the health of 10,000 people. Who? Google… and all of the GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft) is on “The Death of Death” for business and on behalf of a worldview illustrated by the current of “transhumanism”.

Patient 4.0… an impatient patient

At the same time there is a service revolution in all sectors of life and health is still one of the areas that will have to accelerate. The younger generations, Internet enthusiasts, are beginning to get into the few services that prefigure medical uberization : take his appointments, consult his analytical results… and dream of buying drugs (which is not a Buying pleasure when we have 40 fever!) On the internet. How far will regulations be able to keep up with requests for uses? 


From the myth of the “doctor” to that of “Doctor 4.0”

Today the average age of the medical staff is 54 years in France… We can indeed ask ourselves the question of “numerus clausus” to ensure the renewal and an “Order of Physicians” that dates from the Vichy regime ! To deal with the inevitable transformation of the health field, the medical professions will have to evolve… Can they escape the prediction of the 40% of trades that will disappear? Younger generations of doctors seem to be well on this path, considering at 71% the “uberization of medicine” as a progress and ready to take up the challenge of health renewal through innovation.

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