Les 9 types d'intelligence

Multiple intelligences to develop collective intelligence


“It’s not the color of our skin that makes us different, it’s the color of our thoughts” that’s what Steven Aitchinson was developing in his bestseller on personal development and what neuroscience is deepening today scientifically by digging the trail of Howard Gardner the pioneer of “multiple intelligences”. Thus diversity is expressed well beyond skin color, gender or social class and intelligence beyond classical IQ, but in the “multiplicity of intelligences” that we are discovering! and at the time of collective intelligence, multiple intelligences deserve to be known. Decryption.

Pioneer Howard Gardner and his 9 intelligences

In the 70’s are questioned the 2 types of recognized intelligences: logico-mathematics and linguistics. They are also put in opposition as are the left brain and the right brain and institutionalized through sectors, the scientist and the literary. Howard Gardner, a developmental psychologist, published in 1983 his work on the 9 types of intelligence (**) and the importance of underestimated intelligences in evaluation systems such as intelligences, intra and inter-relational which correspond to “soft skills”.

Who says better ? the 10 intelligences … the intelligence “who am I? “

Today the books flourish on the subject, with an overbid of types and numbers of intelligences. I will only mention the most recent in the catchy title “You are 10 times smarter than you imagine” (***) that decrypts the success of personalities in the business world and show business.

A 10th intelligence appears, that of “the intelligence which-am I?” Which includes the knowledge of oneself through the knowledge of its multiple intelligences! IQ is only a tiny part of self-knowledge, kinesthetic intelligence allowing the emergence of sports champions for example.

Les 9 types d'intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Difficult not to focus on emotional intelligence propelled on the front of intelligences and popularized through the works of Daniel Goleman (****); awareness and knowing how to manage one’s emotions will be one of the keys to leadership and well-being and measuring one’s EQ (Emotional Quotient) becomes a must.

Collective intelligence needs all intelligences

The intelligence is not to add knowledge but to know how to combine its different forms of intelligence, by identifying and developing them. Because they feed on each other: logical intelligence (the scores are a mathematical language), those of time (with the rhythm, kinesthesia (placement of hands, fingers, breath). with the teams, composed of multi-intelligent beings and to allow all forms of intelligence to meet (team building, to express oneself (culture) and to develop (coaching) …

(*) “Multiple intelligences” Howard Gardner

(**) “You are 10 times smarter than you imagine” Christophe Bougois-Cotantini

(***) “Emotional Intelligence” Volume 1 and 2 Daniel Goleman

(****) “Innovation, the manager and develop creativity” Sylvie Brémond Mookherjee; paper version and e-book available on www.carnetsdecom.com

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