Innovation lever of transformation in social housing

At the heart of all our connections, the habitat is affected by several waves … the digital wave but also the wave of sustainable development that imposes new rules between builders and dwellers. For the social housing, the measure concerning the APL makes him face besides a fall of the incomes. Innovation is then a necessary remedy to find solutions.

New financing to fill the revenue gap of the PLA, while remaining vigilant on the important weight of the regulatory in the field. Innovation with, or rather despite, the code of Construction and Housing requires real creativity!

innovation levier transformation sociale

Innovation has always been about building techniques. Today construction requires taking into account the energy transition (reduced consumption, access to electricity …) but also new processes favored by new technologies appear: building a house by 3D printer as in Nantes with Batiprint according to a process developed by Bouygues Construction. Not only the construction is facilitated but in addition to very low price … to the point that the Chinese eyeing on this French innovation for their social housing programs on the side of Beijing. Robots also come to supply maneuvers on construction sites for difficult tasks.

Digital with its new technologies and new uses makes tenants more demanding … as for all areas of everyday life they ask to be “actors” of their housing, choose, customize their habitat. We even talk about “participatory housing”. Habiteo, a start-up that helps developers to digitize by offering platforms of exchange between promoters and future buyers has raised 6 million euros. The neighborhoods also generate solidarity associations that allow the expression of different and enriching cultural needs for the finalized version.

More globally, all professions in social housing are impacted by the arrival of artificial intelligence, big data and connected objects … starting with the guardians who have a role of presence that neither robots nor chatbots can replace: a human and warm presence, which needs to be harmonized with this new global vision of social housing.

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