“Big data”? Long live the “Smart Data” for HR

The “big data” is now part of our familiar world but often depicted as a huge threat from the effects of the Digital Revolution. While remaining vigilant about the possible adverse effects, the HR today can exploit these “big data” with many possible applications otherwise. 4V leveraging big data, HRD starts and this is only the beginning, using them to practice more HR, closer, more personal, more ‘intelligent’ … long live the “smart data”!

“Volume” for “predictive” HR

The resulting volume of course the huge amount of data that flows continuously on all digital networks worldwide. These exponential volumes now number not in zettabytes (10 to the power 21 bytes).

This source of information allows HR to anticipate movements by analyzing internal and external data useful in short-management plans, medium and long term.

The “Speed” for HR “agile”

Speed ​​is constantly accelerating, as data accumulates every second shortening the analysis period and lengthening the time required for taking cognizance of all these instant data.

Just as the company requires the employee to be agile and accelerate all processes, the life of the employee is now live and candidates also have requirements reactivity or proactivity on the part of HR.

smart data

The “Variety” for HR “personalized”

Variety of data (private, public, social networks, emails, sms, photos, videos …) refines the profile of candidates and employees and customize the relationship by treating the “employees path” as marketers for ” customer experience “managing potential as privileged customers, retention and talent retention, variable compensation ….

The “Value” for “smarter RH”

 As for value, it is the ability to analyze billions of data.

Harvard Busines Review did she not chosen the profession of “datascientist” as the profession “the sexiest of the 21st century”?

In fact all occupations related to the analysis of data in all sectors are growing as demand -several million jobs in the years to venir- that compensation -10 to 15% according to the global survey 2016 Robert Walters office .

“Smart skills” and “Culture Smart” for “Smart Data”

Besides all the other new businesses to integrate the management of these “big data”: physical data protection, data centers ultra sensitive management, ultra complex operating system that require new skills profiles …

And in addition to the development of skills and new skills, the need to change the culture of the company to more agility and creativity to match men and operation of these 4V Big data.

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