With the Artificial Intelligence (AI), the decline in new frontiers …

Dramatic advances in artificial intelligence in recent years has something to let us dream and it is a theme that has asked me to address in my lectures. I offer you a brief overview.

With the AI ​​we enter the world of “machine to machine“, ie where the machines are able to think without human intervention and even today in the light of what was thought exclusively human emotions.

This progress has been made thanks to 3 concomitant phenomena:
-the development of “machine learning” ie automate tasks between 2 machines that can recognize images but also to make decisions without human intervention.
-The management of “big data” (in zettabytes today) to configure the machines and to detect the appropriate actions with great precision thanks to the variety and velocity of data
– The appearance of the “cloud” and its development in order to store, secure and process these volumes never achieved until now.

intelligence artificielle go sud coreen
And we can also add the masters now in the couple “Man Machine” from “cognitive robotics” ie allowing a machine to learn by observing a man, like a trainee or a newcomer in a company during its integration course!
This learning capacity brings the risk of the master of overtaking!

It is only mentioned that Google has succeeded in acquiring the English start-up has Deepmind allow the machine to beat for the first time in a human game of Go, the world champion South Korean.

And if we imagine all industrial applications and services in all sectors we also foresees the computing power that could surpass that of man and make it useless. Hence reflection on jobs that will disappear or be radically transformed: all areas of knowledge jobs will be impacted, for example, doctors, lawyers, notaries … the function of “knowing” will confirm a diagnosis and an indication or automatically a written contract …

The Intelligence Artificial actually puts into perspective the man in his place in the world, in its relation to physical (eternal life?) And philosophical (man doer or thinker man?). And some futurists and philosophers announce the dreadful effects as if the machine has an intelligence that dominates that of man what will prevent it from destroying man? it would be the reign of the “singularity” … but to stay optimistic I believe that man will find ways to resist this type of programmed destruction thanks to its creativity, adaptability … in a word, his sense of “innovation “.

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