How will artificial intelligence revolutionize the world of guidance?

When one knows that “in 20 years 60% of the trades are brought to disappear”, pushed to the rank of antiquities by the digital wave, the question of the often already difficult orientation (“what profession will I do? ‘Reinforced by( is the job I want to do part of those who will disappear? ‘). But the digital wave is also creative innovation and artificial intelligence should help the choices by revolutionizing, with positive effects, academic and professional guidance. Analysis through 3 start-ups.


Impala’s boost to data

It is obviously data processing which is the core of the artificial intelligence orientation devices: to connect the data concerning the person to be oriented (his preferences, his tastes, his skills), at the basis of all the possible professions by making a Link to determine the appropriate trade and finally, connect the whole to the market for a “realistic” orientation. At the moment there are initiatives on one or two of these connections.

Impala, the application that helps you find the job of your dreams begins with a test with 10 skills (which I know how to do or would like to learn), which allows you to illuminate the cloud of skill Match. In one click, from the name of the job one passes to the description, and another click to the formations that make it possible to access it. It only remains to connect a chatbot that answers the complementary questions!


“The tree of possibilities” and the “galaxy of the trades” of Pixis

With the start-up Pixis, the ambition is not only to orientate towards professions that interest, but also to those who will be carrying in the years to come. For this purpose, Pixis is studying the labor market to identify the professions that fall within the UN’s 17 sustainable development objectives.

The application of Pixis will allow to present a diversity of trades of the future and the variety of ways to access it, to analyze the personality and the interests to make specific recommendations and to put in contact with professionals to exchange About their trajectories and coaches specialized in guidance .

The start-up has therefore integrated the “Sustainable Development Solutions Network” which aims to mobilize and connect people who propose innovative solutions to achieve the objectives. From here, you can access a lot of business cards. In the future, Pixis will also have a “tree of possibilities”. That is, the start-up will have studied the “typical” paths taken by professionals to reach the position they occupy, and all this thanks to the analysis of thousands of CVs.


The connexion of supply and demand

The star-up Riminder, meanwhile, aims to realize the orientation by meeting the supply and demand of employment. The recruitment market experiencing a hyper evolution the big data by these 4 key functions (collect, standardize, store and restore) will allow a massive and agile adaptation at a time.

Connected to guidance applications such as Impala or Pixis, we can imagine the complete chain … from the dream job to the realization of the project !

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