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5 good reasons to create a Innovation HR function

By 10 April 2018 Mes Contributions

5-bonnes raisons creer fonction innovation rh

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The coach manager of innovation and transformation

By 4 April 2018 Développement RH

« The only knowledge that can influence an individual’s behavior is that which he discovers for himself and appropriates ». Carl Rogers makes this a basic principle in his book on personal development. Thus neither authority nor formation can allow an individual to transform or innovate; it must come from a momentum (“the flow”) that comes from within. How to promote this momentum? Through coaching, a methodical accompaniment that every manager must acquire to carry out his objectives in terms of transformation.

1st step: Empathic listening

Start by listening … But not just anyhow. By listening actively, ie bouncing with open questions, and welcoming the words with kindness, it is to say without judgment or criticism, but with congruence, in reflection of what the manager. At the end of this first stage, a climate of empathy should allow us to take the next step in confidence.

2nd step: The benevolent feedback

The manager must then bounce back on what his collaborator has expressed and identify in his reservations or fears the objective part and the emotional part. He thus plays the mirror effect, magnifying, to allow the collaborator to become aware of them to overcome them. Any problem becomes then an opportunity for change.

manager coach innovation transformation

3rd step: The co-built solution

Together, they will then look for ideas to overcome resistances and move to the action. For this step the method of CPS (Creative Problem Solving) is very appropriate; she allows to co-build by following 4 steps: clarify the problem, find ideas, imagine solutions and then act, of these 4 steps we proceed by using a phase of divergence where creativity has its place every time and a phase of convergence to decide key ideas and solutions.

4th step: The power: permission and protection

The coach gives both permission and protection … this is what is expected of the collaborator: I authorize you to act and do not worry I will support you in case of problems. “I trust you will do it” is what everyone needs to hear and feel to take action. The manager must transform his power, which he naturally derives from his hierarchical status, in support of the power of his collaborators, so that they move on to the mental and operational implementation of the transformation.

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« Innovation has become a strategic issue for everyone » Marc Giget

By 4 April 2018 Innovation

This is the introduction of Marc Giget during his presentation to the Paris Club of Directors of Innovation of his vision 2018-2020 and prospective 2030. As a member of the Academy of Technologies, he will brush us the major trends in innovation that are looming for the coming years.

The tone is given with a “it moves seriously” followed with equal ease of a quote from Georges Soros at the last Davos “some companies are already dead and they do not realize it”. Associated with the vision of world transformation and necessary adaptation for companies, Marc Giget argues that the innovation function has its role to play in this management of the transformation that is played out in the medium term to counteract the productivist and short-term vision termist of the marketing function.

innovation enjeu strategique

My insights into the evolution trends of innovation presented by Marc Giget:

1) The innovation strategy tends to be integrated into the corporate strategy, which implies a new governance and a merger between strategy and innovation management (RATP, EDF, Danone, LCL, Allianz France, etc.). )

2) Innovation becomes global, beyond the technique by resorting to multiple alliances, joint ventures … Thanks to this effect, the revival of the automotive and aerospace industry is witnessing. Valeo is a good example.

3) Total innovation is innovation all together, the Human Centric side of innovation gives a part to play for HR who have more or less difficulty getting started: risk management, better cooperation, innovation participatory …

4) Humanistic innovation reframes innovation in its goal of progress … The advertising trend of “innovation for a better life” is a reflection … To everyone to identify what is beyond the story telling!

5) Inclusive innovation is developing, linked to a goal of progress, it is in addition to leaving the purely consumerist innovation with new offers of innovative products, cheaper, accessible to the greatest number.

6) Design together, co-innovating with users, design with users, or design thinking, is a rising trend with today 54% of the leaders who affirm as important the implication of the users from the phase of ideation (Innovation Benchmark 2017)

7) Accelerating the digital transition is an issue for all companies, both in internal transformation and in the definition of new products and services; the Innovation Director is of course affected and has to play his role of piloting with the experts of internal technologies, the trades and the personnel concerned.

innovation enjeu strategique

We are witnessing a stimulation by the new players, the GAFA, which is forcing a redefinition of services, as Accor and G7 have done with success.

Digital is a source of innovation of all types, incremental and disruptive, as many opportunities for innovation in the coming years.

See you at the “National Encounters of Innovation” on June 14th to see how these strategic trends of innovation are concretely actualized!

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« Our industry doesn’t respect tradition. It only respect innovation » Satya Nadella

By 4 April 2018 Digital

And if we now talk about GAFAM and that the M has come to add to the original 4 musketeers, the Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon … It would not come partly from this freshness given by Satya Nadella the “new” president of Microsoft?

industrie respecte tradition innovation

This is the impression given by Eneric Lopez, Microsoft France’s Director of Innovation Programs, by presenting the new “Microsoft Soul” at the Paris Club Meeting of Directors of Innovation on Strategies. innovation.

The “Microsoftees” have undergone a real change of corporate culture: we no longer speak of “know it all” but of “learn it all”… The promotion of learning on knowledge is a real revolution in this environment. ‘knowledgeable’ experts! Similarly, HR no longer speaks of “individual performance” but “impact”. This impact is evaluated according to relational criteria “from other” (“What have I learned from others?”) and “to other” (“What did I bring to others?”).

industrie-respecte tradition innovation

At the same time, the behaviors and axes of innovation were all revisited to allow Satya Nadella to reach the ambition displayed in innovation.

#time to market: example of “Skype Translator” developed in 6months

#test and learn: “know how to try and know how to fail” the example of the Mirosoft Band project 1 then 2 then abandonment to better start later

# re-invent: when the smartphone was stopped ability to reinvent a category, example success of the “Surface”

#partnership: including with competitors for co-petition for example Amazon and for personal assistant Alexia

#platform: only technological model that allows to integrate in B to B and co-build in co-engineering

#IA: amplifying human ingenuity with intelligent technology

#Quantum computing with research on quantum computers

#Trust be responsible for what we do

#Tech for Good: innovating for values ​​of inclusion: education, health, planet

# Local anchorage: in France partnerships with Inria, F …

industrie respecte tradition innovation

 And to conclude I would add to this speech of Eneric Lopez, this presentation found on Twitter this week which raises innovation productions made possible by the artificial intelligence at the level of the progress expected by the users and concerning health by the men. Congrats to Mirosoft!

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The 5 good reasons for HRD to take innovation and create an HR Innovation function.

By 7 February 2018 Développement RH

“Innovation is what makes the difference between a follower and a leader.” Like Steve Jobs, the HR director who has a role in the company must show his leadership beyond the power that confers its status and function, a way of being whose innovation is today the engine.

The HRD is concerned in more than one way by innovation and it is for this reason that it is today in the air of time to create an “HR Innovation” function in companies.

1st reason: Innovation is strategic: the HRD must be able to participate in the decision

Its usual definition of “an idea that meets a market”  brings innovation to the strategic field of growth through the expansion of markets, products and value-added services. The HR department participates in decision-making by Comex and its teams through recruitment, talent management, training and recognition contribute to the implementation of these innovation decisions. The HRD must therefore keep abreast of the latest cultural modes of innovation management but also prospective trends in Digital, CSR … Areas that impact innovation today.

2nd reason: Innovation drives transformation: HRD must be the driver

Digital innovation has become unavoidable, partly encouraging and threatening. If we take the only example of robotization: some hard jobs may disappear in favor of new value-added professions for man, still unknown today. To carry out this transformation, HRD must master both methods of conducting systemic transformation and be interested in foresight questions in artificial intelligence.

innovation habitat social

3rd reason: Innovation is vital for the company: HRD has the obligation to develop it

Innovation has become vital for companies that are increasingly creating Innovation Director (CIO) positions often associated with Digital (CDO). These vital functions for company adaptation require special attention from HRD: recruiting innovative profiles that are compatible with the culture of innovation, train employees to access the skills required by innovation , recognize the innovators including in the management of the risk in the management of the projects … New benchmarks are RH to put in place.

4th reason: Innovation leads to a new culture: the HRD must facilitate its implementation

“Innovation is not predicting the future but allowing it to happen” Saint-Exupéry … and the HRD is the one with the DG who can create these “permissions”: do not consider stopping a innovative project as a personal failure of the project manager, help him rebound, recognize teams and sometimes “disturbing” personalities … And also lead the whole company towards openness, agility … Permanent adaptation to change .

5th reason: Innovation imposes new ways of working: HR must be exemplary

HRD’s role in addressing these emerging issues is a real opportunity to develop HR: review HR missions with the perspective of innovation and transformation, reorganize around these issues, use co-construction methods to innovate in HR, associate its ecosystem to go towards Design Thinking … Adapt HR to be, more than a contributor, leader of the transformation of the company towards innovation

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Innovation lever of transformation in social housing

By 7 February 2018 Innovation

At the heart of all our connections, the habitat is affected by several waves … the digital wave but also the wave of sustainable development that imposes new rules between builders and dwellers. For the social housing, the measure concerning the APL makes him face besides a fall of the incomes. Innovation is then a necessary remedy to find solutions.

New financing to fill the revenue gap of the PLA, while remaining vigilant on the important weight of the regulatory in the field. Innovation with, or rather despite, the code of Construction and Housing requires real creativity!

innovation levier transformation sociale

Innovation has always been about building techniques. Today construction requires taking into account the energy transition (reduced consumption, access to electricity …) but also new processes favored by new technologies appear: building a house by 3D printer as in Nantes with Batiprint according to a process developed by Bouygues Construction. Not only the construction is facilitated but in addition to very low price … to the point that the Chinese eyeing on this French innovation for their social housing programs on the side of Beijing. Robots also come to supply maneuvers on construction sites for difficult tasks.

Digital with its new technologies and new uses makes tenants more demanding … as for all areas of everyday life they ask to be “actors” of their housing, choose, customize their habitat. We even talk about “participatory housing”. Habiteo, a start-up that helps developers to digitize by offering platforms of exchange between promoters and future buyers has raised 6 million euros. The neighborhoods also generate solidarity associations that allow the expression of different and enriching cultural needs for the finalized version.

More globally, all professions in social housing are impacted by the arrival of artificial intelligence, big data and connected objects … starting with the guardians who have a role of presence that neither robots nor chatbots can replace: a human and warm presence, which needs to be harmonized with this new global vision of social housing.

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Les Echos Formation – How to succeed in your digital transformation ?

By 7 February 2018 Digital

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Creativity in quite a state : 3 steps for a 360 vision on the subject

By 8 January 2018 Mes Contributions

creativite tous etats 3 etapes vision 360 sujet

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Best wishes 2018 for a year of achievements in your projects… and of yourself

By 3 January 2018 Innovation

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« It was better before » or innovation for progress!

By 27 December 2017 Innovation

To offer or comment for those who are constantly complaining about the evolution of the world…

This little manifesto, written on a bloody shot, by the author of Thumbelina, angry with all the Grumblers Grand Daddies, Michel Serres.

Offered first to any buyer of two Michel Serres paperbacks, in the front of the enthusiasm, the publishing house (The Apple Tree) has decided to publish it in the form of a very small book: “Ten Grumblers Grand Daddies keep telling to Thumbelina ,unemployed or trainee who will pay a long time for these retirees: “It was better before”.

mieux avant innovation creatrice progres

« This is good, before, precisely, I was there » … can claim Michel Serres.  «  I can draw up an expert report that starts : before, we were ruled by Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao… That good people, before, wars and state crimes behind the head of millions of deaths. Result of these festivities will edify you. “

What a beautiful ode to progress with this look in the mirror of a fine observe: the conditions of hygiene, food, work, the condition of women, children… Beautiful, fair, objectively analyzed arguments to nail everyone who has not entered the new world and who would like to prevent us from innovation coming forward, progress and humanity!

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