Innovation Leaders : how stimulate steer and sustain Innovation

In his book « Innovation Leaders » Jean-Philippe Deschamps reveal his experience of 40 years in innovation management as practitioner and international consultant.

21aNTA4PfCinnovation_leadersThe book is built around a main idea:the belief that innovation requires a specific form of leadership ,distinct from other mainstream types of leadership.this conviction ,rooted in years of empirical research with companies at different stages of their innovation learning curve ,is expanded and supported in three ways.

First by charactérising « innovation leaders » those senior executives who relentlessly stimulate,steer and sustain innovation in their companies.

JF Deschamps propose a number of common beahavioral traits or attitudes of these leaders,depending on whether they focus on the front end or back end of innovation.He also highlights what they actualy do to promote the innovation agenda in their company ,bottom up or top down.styles of leadership.

Second ,by suggesting that different innovation strategies require different styles of leadership.This assumes that senior managers should explicitly define the content of their innovation strategy ans understand the various leadership imperatives of each of their strategic choices.

Third ,by opening a few preliminary paths toward understanding what conditions stimulate the development of an innovation leadership environment ;JF Deschamps underlines also some of the basic requirements for attracting ,developing and retaining innovation leaders.

If all these questions are on your mind ,you are going to find answers or tracks of answers!for everbody  interested in management of the innovation.

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